Chris Stevenson

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  • Artist Statement

    The emotional pull of the landscape is very strong for many of us. In my 2004 exhibition, Not Even Past, I explored the past through the present using industrial sites of inner-city Sydney as subject matter. Cockatoo Island, for instance, continues to fascinate me. The undercurrents of time suggested by old buildings and machinery is an ongoing preoccupation.


    In Whispering Country ( 2005) rural locations became autobiographical points of reference to explore how memory distorts reality. The paintings do not mirror the appearance of these places- rather they are memories of places, blurred by time and distance. Techniques of layering, blurring of edges and muted colours echo the distortions of memory.


    My recent work Undercurrents (2009) extends some of the earlier themes and explores the suggestiveness of water expanses such as rivers and lakes in Sydney and surrounding areas. As in my previous work, it is the tantalising “presence of absence” that informs my paintings. As the philosopher Michel de Certeau says,“ every site is haunted by countless ghosts that lurk there in silence”.