Toni Messiter

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  • Artist Statement

    I have been painting since childhood when my father introduced me to oil paints and portraits.

    I have a passion for painting that has now erupted in my psyche. These days painting is my reason for being, and never fails to excite.

    I am a resident of the studio for about seven years now. I have had several successful sole exhibitions with a commercial gallery and participated in group shows. The studio has certainly facilitated my development and success.


    I am a fantasy figurative painter, drawing inspiration from many influences. My great success to date has been my "Geisha" series, and I am presently working on a new series. However, I also am inspired by the Renaissance and Icons and am working on a series incorporating some of these features.

    Understandably my paintings project my world view, voiced by my painted people.

    I am a university graduate and have further developed my art skills by attending short courses at the National Art School.